Meet the Therapists

Lynne Saks, BA, MFT Speaks Africans (she/her/hers), (Completing Master Program - Marriage And Family Therapist)

Supervised by Dr. Pamela Reeves

Hi my name's Lynne .  Life can be a confusing, meandering path that we all are trying to make sense of. Along the journey we can feel misunderstood, unsupported and alone. My journey to becoming a therapist has been informed by the richness of life experiences that being an immigrant, a mother, a daughter and community member has brought. My life experiences have often shown me the greatest therapeutic moments come from the power of being heard without judgment and embraced with full acceptance. I practice a person centered, trauma informed culturally humble approach that honors the strengths, values, views and experiences you bring to therapy. My goal is to create a safe space by cultivating a shared authenticity and trust as we collaborate in clarifying your values and move towards a valued, fulfilling life. You are the expert on yourself, my job is to help you to apply that expertise in a way that makes you feel empowered in moving through life.

I have a special interest in working children and adolescents. I believe that  storytelling, imaginative play, props such as dolls and puppets, as well as theater techniques like improvisation and performance help children to explore their feelings, connect with others, and problem-solve difficult situations. I also work with people who have experienced trauma and have walked aside people during acute crisis. I have worked with people who have experienced domestic violence, providing trauma intervention.

 I am currently a Marriage and Family Therapist Trainee and am supervised by Dr. Pamela Reeves, LMFT #51463. It would be a privilege to work together. 

Jessica (Sosun) Ha, BA, AMFT, Speaks Korean (she/her/hers), (Completing Master Program - Marriage And Family Therapist)

Supervised by Dr. Pamela Reeves

" You matter. And who you truly are matters." As a therapist, my life mission is to support people to live freely as they are. I am passionate about working with people to discover their true selves and help them free from what they're not anymore. My name is Jessica. I am a therapist trainee in a Master's program in clinical psychology from Pepperdine University. As a therapeutic partner, I will walk through your life journey together. My goal is to hold a safe space for you with emotional support and acceptance in the healing process. We will fully experience, process, and grow together in that journey by creating sustainable changes in life. I work with the core belief that people are inherently resourceful, creative, and whole. I have work experiences as a meditation instructor, life coach, and HR manager, working with individuals, adults, and couples. My special interest is in mindfulness-based techniques, acceptance and commitment therapy, and trauma-focused therapy. I enjoy doing meditation, baking, camping, playing golf, and tennis in my spare time. Areas of Focus:

  • Life Transitions (Immigration, loss, marriage, divorce, and more)
  • Trauma and PTSD
  • Co-dependency, Emotional Attachment issues
  • Relationship issues
  • Empowerment and Self esteem
  • Life Purpose
  • Women's Leadership Development
  • Stress management, Coping skills

Special Interest:

  • MBCT (Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy)
  • ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy)
  • Experiential Therapy
  • Narrative Therapy
  • Family System Therapy
  • CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy)
  • Trauma-focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy
  • EMDR for Trauma

Felicia Davis (she/her/hers), B.A. (Completing Master Program - Marriage And Family Therapist)

“Nothing is impossible. The word itself says, ‘I’m possible.’” – Audrey Hepburn

Welcome all! My name is Felicia and I am currently enrolled in a Master level program at National University and work under the supervision of Dr. Pamela Reeves. I obtained my Bachelor of Psychology at Capella University, where I was presented with the fundamentals of therapy that grew into the knowledge I have today.

I thrive on helping people grow and I feel that therapy can be a learning process and a great journey to growth. I truly believe that a safe space for people to evolve and become who they want to be is important. I will provide comfort in knowing that, whenever we are together, the space that is presented is one of tranquility and hope. Rest assured, your journey might have been a long and difficult one to embark on, but together, we can create peace. Everyone is someone, and with a little motivation and guidance, their inner self can open to possibilities of exploration and, sometimes, acceptance.

I wish that we can form a strong and healthy therapeutic relationship, where we can create and observe obtainable goals, and work towards a successful outcome that can end with you being healthier and happier in many aspects of your life.

Areas of Focus:

  • Trauma and PTSD
  • Coping skills; grief and loss
  • Emotional attachment issues
  • Intimate partner violence and domestic abuse
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Addiction and substance abuse
  • Managing stress
  • Mindfulness and wellness


Francisco Garcia, MFT

Hello everyone! My name is Francisco Garcia. I am a Marriage and Family Therapist Trainee currently obtaining my Master's of Science Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy at the University of La Verne. I feel that it is just as important to look after our mental health like our physical health. I look forward to aiding clients with their mental health difficulties and helping them find solutions that will improve their quality of life. It has been a passion of mine since I was an adolescent to step into this field of work and be able to positively impact those in need of a helping hand. Someone to help clients reach their goals, potential, and begin the recovery process. I look to better understand the client through my knowledge of multiple therapeutic approaches and implementing the approach that best suits the needs of the client.  I offer a safe, judgement-free space for all clients to feel fully comfortable and understand that I am there as a support system for clients and am there to guide clients through this healing journey. I am a first generation Mexican-American and understand the principles of cultural sensitivity which is necessary for seeing a vast array of clients. I also am fluent in Spanish and speak some French, for any clients requesting therapy in either language. I am currently supervised by Dr. Pamela Reeves, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT), LIC: #51463

Anjeanette McClure, MFT (she/her/hers), (Completing Master Program in Counseling Psychology, Marriage and Family Therapist, National University)

Supervised by Dr. Pamela Reeves

“I will seek to learn interesting new truths about life from people who are unlike me.” Hello everyone, my name is Anjeanette McClure, and learning from people who seek help is the position I take in the therapeutic relationship. I believe people are the experts of their own life stories, but may need guidance and support when faced with difficult life experiences or transitions. I believe that people require a safe space free of judgment in order to receive this guidance, and I am here to offer that. I have a special interest in providing guidance and support for those facing life transitions and who are managing multiple roles as caretakers of children and managing the care of aging parents. I believe my own experience as a caretaker of a parent with Alzheimer’s disease can aid in my understanding of clients’ struggles. My goal is to help people to know they are not alone and that they have within themselves the knowledge and strengths to navigate life’s challenges and grow from them.

Special Interests:

  • Person-Centered Therapy
  • Trauma-Focused Therapy
  • Existential Therapy

Areas of Focus:

  • Life Transitions
  • Issues with Caring for Aging Parents
  • Relationship Issues
  • Childhood Emotional Neglect
  • Existential Crises

Teresa Lee, BA, MFT (she/her/hers), (Completing Master Program - Marriage And Family Therapist)

Supervised by Dr. Pamela Reeves

Hi, I'm Teresa! I am currently working as a Marriage and Family Therapist Trainee. My work as a therapist is grounded in empathy, compassion, and acceptance. I strive to create a safe and non-judgmental space where you can explore your thoughts and emotions. I will walk alongside you while providing guidance and encouragement to foster healing and growth so that you can gain a sense of empowerment and overall better well-being.

As a therapist, I use an integrative approach, drawing on evidence-based interventions from different modalities while rooted in person-centered and narrative therapy. I have a special interest in working with children, couples, and adults who are experiencing depression, relationship issues, chronic pain, trauma, anxiety, and more. My life experiences have taught me that challenges and change are inevitable, and having someone to support you through life's difficulties can help you better navigate and grow from them. Therapy can be a transformative and empowering process, and it would be an honor to work with you in your journey toward self-discovery, growth, and healing.

I earned my bachelor's degree from UC Berkeley and have worked as an employee in tech corporations and as an entrepreneur for over a decade. Currently, I am a Marriage and Family Therapist Trainee supervised by Dr. Pamela Reeves, LMFT #51463.

Areas of Focus:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety / Stress
  • Couples / Relationship issues
  • Chronic Pain
  • Trauma and PTSD
  • Life Transitions
  • Grief
  • Mindfulness and Wellness
  • Self-Esteem
  • Women's Issues

Bahareh Zolfaghari, BA, MFT speaks Farsi and English (she/her/hers), (completing Master program- Marriage And Family Therapist)

Supervised by Dr. Pamela Reeves LMFT # 51463

Hi, I am Bahareh, a dedicated Marriage and Family Therapist Intern operating under the supervision of Dr. Pamela Reeves, while diligently pursuing my Master's Degree in Marriage & Family Therapy at National University. My professional journey is firmly rooted in a profound belief that every individual has the potential to gain self-awareness and flourish, ultimately leading to a more enriching and fulfilling life. In my practice, I am committed to fostering a secure, non-judgmental, and empathetic therapeutic relationship with each client. My primary objective is to empower individuals, allowing them to regain control of their lives and find their path to personal growth. My professional voyage commenced with my own therapeutic healing journey, which instilled in me a deep passion for assisting others in their pursuit of well-being and self-discovery. I possess valuable experience working with both adults and children, having previously served as an Artist and Preschool Teacher. This diverse background equips me with a unique perspective and skill set that enriches my approach to therapy.

I invite you to embark on your healing journey with me, where together, we can navigate the path toward your well-being and personal growth.

Tong (Rainie) Li, MFT, Speaks Chinese Mandarin (she/her/hers), (Completing Master Program - Marriage And Family Therapist))

Supervised by Dr. Pamela Reeves

"Healing takes courage, and we all have courage, even if we have to dig a little to find it." - Tori Amos

Hello, my name is Tong, and I also go by Rainie. I am a dedicated and passionate intern at the Multicultural Therapy Academy, under the supervision of Dr. Pamela Reeves. Currently, I am pursuing my master’s degree at Pepperdine University, where I am building a solid foundation in psychology and counseling.

Growing up in China and moving to the United States has provided me with a unique perspective in my work in the field of therapy. My own experiences have granted me deep insights into the challenges of acculturation and the value of embracing cultural diversity. They have also strengthened my empathy and understanding of the unique struggles individuals face when seeking therapy in a new cultural context.

My journey is driven by a commitment to cultivate the skills and knowledge necessary to make a positive impact on the mental health and well-being of my clients and communities from diverse backgrounds. I firmly believe in creating a safe, non-judgmental, and empathetic therapeutic space where clients from various cultural backgrounds can freely explore their thoughts, feelings, and experiences. My therapeutic approach centers on empowering my clients to tap into their inner strengths, develop effective coping strategies, and achieve personal growth and healing.

Areas of Focus:

  • Life Transitions
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Couple/ Family issues
  • Trauma and PTSD
  • Mindfulness and wellness

12821 Newport Avenue
Tustin, CA 92780

(714) 654-6729 and/or (714) 910-3648

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